Sights and Sounds


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Conversation with my Momma

Today I invited my Momma to come to my home office (which is one hallway and a dining room away from her bedroom) to spend some time with me.  She loves to shred and since it's a great activity to help a person with dementia focus, I thought it would give her some good hand to eye coordination practice.  Besides, you know shredding is her official job any way. And I thought it would be easy to hold a conversation with her while I do some of my Real Estate computer work.

Here's just a part of our conversation:

Me:  Are you paying attention?

Momma: Okay.

Me:  Okay what, Momma?

Momma:  Didn't you say you were going into the kitchen?

Me:  No Momma, I said, Are you paying attention?

Momma:  Okay, here. (Handing me a paper towel)

Me:  Why are you giving me that?

Momma:  Didn't you say pass you a tissue?

Me:  Never mind.