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Sunday, December 7, 2014

My 88 year old Mother just got a JOB

Hi All, long time no blog I know.  I've been really spending a lot of extra time with my mother.  She's had some great milestones this year, including her 88th birthday.  Yes, her dementia is progressing but, she doesn't realize it, so it's all good.  She's still the most entertaining person I know.  If she dreams it, it's real to her.  Ever explain to an 88 year old that they are NOT helping homicide detectives solve a murder?  (Thanks a lot Chicago PD, Criminal Minds, Perry Mason, etc.)  She loves this stuff and I've been working to wean her off of 'em.  Thank goodness she's now hooked on Family Feud.  She loves Steve Harvey and she apparently doesn't dream about him all night.

She does have a job now, resident shredder.  She does the shredding for our home, our home office, and she comes to work with us at Prestige Properties Real Estate Pros in Lansing.  She works for food! We're all proud of her work ethic, but you do have to pay her in advance.

So what have I been doing?  I spent 2014 training the two best leasing agents, Phyllis PD Barnes, and Jonita Sharpe, and building the Urban Homesteading rental department for our Real Estate company.  My focus for 2015 will be South Shore Chicago and all it has to offer.  If you live in or near South Shore Chicago, join me on Next Door and/or EveryBlock. What's next?   Stay tuned for South Shore Chicago...the challenge. 


  1. I particularly love the part about you being a detective, I still have tears from the laughter, the blog itself is excellent, makes me want to become a member of the South Shore Community! Keep up the good work!